Stories about Bob

Please enter your Bob story(ies) in the comment section to share with us.  Thank you for keeping Bob in our hearts and memories.


3 responses to “Stories about Bob

  1. Bob had turned into my confessor pretty early in our friendship. He loved a good story, especially when it wasn’t hearsay. He would always ask me frustrating questions (with that twinkle in his eye), I would loudly defend my actions and then he would magically open a portal to get me to the meat of the issue. Much rawer than any of the tip-toeing professionals I’d been to. On this particular night we’re sitting comfortably on the loveseat watching his early evening neighborhood activity -Such an innocent spot to blurt out one’s deepest sins. Bob curiosity still hadn’t been satisfied with my life story so far in our relationship, and was gently probing me for more information…that’s when it happen. I started out only revealing small details, impeccable behavior, and loving lasting memories. Without my understanding that this man whom I consider my best friend would nefariously break my code of silence with a gentle probe, a small laugh, encouraging interest, and bamboo for later torture in order for me to reveal my tale. He listened with intensity, each word now rapidly pouring from my mouth; unable to stop the flood of embarrassment and confession of the dreaded mortal sin. As I awaited his judgment, silent or otherwise, condemnation, and loss of his much valued friendship…I lifted my head to a loud, long lasting, roaring laugh. (you know the one) As I looked into his eyes they had tears from his rolling loud high pitch guffaw that lasted longer than necessary. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. Not the reaction (not even close) I had always expected if I ever got the chutzpah to reveal this to another human being. That right there took away my sense of dignity and ownership I had cloaked carefully and tightly around my horror. While Bob was still laughing he started pointing out the flaws in my sin that I knew would send me to the hell fires of damnation (even though I don’t believe in them – gotta love that guilt infused childhood). The sin was removed at that very moment, the air felt lighter and I’m sure the sun would have shone if it were a different time of day. And no Hail Mary’s involved. The magic of Bob was he was always there in the right place, at the right time, with the right words. I will miss this gift of his. His friend – Ruthless

  2. Bob was my cousin I loved him my kids loved him and my grandchildren loved him. He was such a big kid him self, I am going too miss him soooooo much. He made our family events so fun. When I needed to talk to him he was there. He was such a great guy I will miss him so much. I really need him my back hurts he was great at giving messages. LOL I LOVE YOU BOB !!!!

  3. Bob left many good stories behind. I would encourage you all to read those that have been published. There must be hundreds he left behind in hard copy or on his computer that never saw the public eye. I recommend they never be published, here or anywhere else. This would be in keeping with what he told me and other members of his small writing group. He simply didn’t want people nosing around his stories.

    Dane Zeller, Founding member of the WTF writers group.

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